The National Quality Standard

Our Facilities

The National Quality Standard (NQS) is a key aspect of the National Quality Framework (NQF) and sets a high, national benchmark for early childhood education and care services in Australia.

These standards include seven Quality Areas against which centres are assessed.

  • Educational program and practice
  • Children’s health and safety
  • Physical environment
  • Staffing arrangements
  • Relationships with children
  • Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
  • Leadership and service management

The Early Years Learning Framework describes the principles, practice and outcomes essential to support and enhance young children’s learning from birth to five years of age, as well as their transition to school.

At Cannonvale Kidz Early Learning Centre, we pride ourselves on our strong commitment towards implementing and honouring the National Quality Framework to provide high-quality care, education, opportunities and experiences for our families and children.

The National Quality Framework outlines our regulatory requirements, and cover all aspects of the service from educational programs, staffing ratios and staff qualification levels, right through to health and hygiene requirements, documents, forms and information the team.

The Cannonvale Kidz Early Learning team are professional and dedicated Educators ensuring that the seven Quality Areas are adhered to at all times.