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Cannonvale Kidz Early Learning Centre

Will give your child a great start in life by striving to achieve the following

  • High-quality developmental programs catering to the individual needs of your children
  • Curriculum focus on literacy, numeracy and language
  • Quality care by dedicated, professional and caring staff

Centre Philosophy

That care, dignity and respect be given to every child, concerning their uniqueness and individuality; their learning styles; individual growth, their cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

To provide an enjoyable and challenging child-centred learning environment where children are encouraged to learn through play so that they will enjoy learning throughout life.

To create and maintain a safe environment that enhances children’s autonomy and self-worth, a safe place where they can achieve a deep sense of well-being.

Allowing each child time and space, as well as multiple opportunities to interact and experience a meaningful and secure environment, that encourages the growth of new ideas and enhances the child’s existing knowledge.

That family and staff are valued and display respect for each other, working in a collaborative partnership to provide the best learning experience’s for each child in an enriched early learning environment; allowing for development to flourish.

That early childhood development focuses upon the social, emotional, physical, cognitive, language/literacy, numeracy and aesthetic development of the individual child. Children will be allowed to develop at a pace comfortable to themselves and their environment.

Our families, centre staff members, volunteers and the wider community play an essential role in providing equitable care in our centre. Families and centre staffs input into centres programming, operational procedures and policy decisions are encouraged and respected.


  • We aim to provide a high standard of care and education to all children from all backgrounds.
  • We strive to provide personalised service to each of our families, mainly through the way we cater to the unique needs of individual children.
  • We wish to convey an atmosphere of friendship and respect, which will in turn, positively influence the development of your child.
  • We provide an environment where each child is valued and respected.
  • We are sensitive and respectful of varied culture and religious practices.
  • We are also supportive of all families in all aspects of each child’s development.
  • We encourage equality in all aspects of our care.
  • We provide an environment that encourages children to develop their capabilities and interests at their own pace and according to their individual needs.