Learning Environments

Our Facilities

Water Park

Our most popular feature, it is a series of 3 shower fountains and 3 animals with sprinklers spraying out. Bathers are a must at Cannonvale Kidz, especially when the weather is warm, we spend a lot of time in the water park at various times throughout the day.

Veggie Garden

Our veggie garden is a great way to teach the children sustainability through incorporating compost and growing, cooking and eating vegetables! We have also incorporated flowers and fresh herbs which are lovely displayed fresh in the rooms. The children regularly visit the garden watering, weeding and caring for the environment.

Shaded Areas

We have several shaded play areas for our grass playground to be utilised throughout the day and a shaded verandah with ample space to play outdoors when it’s raining. Living in the tropics, we run an indoor-outdoor program with outdoor play accessible to all children throughout the day.


We have the happiest chickens in the world! They lay eggs and are very popular for all rooms from Nursery to Preschoolers who care for and love them very much. Children have the opportunity to check their water, feed them and collect their eggs. The chickens are very popular to help settle new children into the centre as they always like to go and visit.

Our Rooms

Clownfish (Nursery 1: 0-15 months)

Jellyfish (Nursery 2: 15-18 months)

Sea Horse (Toddlers 1: 18-24 months)

Starfish (Toddlers 2: 2-2.5 years)

Sea Turtles (Junior Kindy: 2.5-3.5 years)

Dugong (Pre-Kindy: 3.5 – 4.5 years)

Manta Ray (Kindy: 4.5- 5.5 years)

Extra Information

We provide food – 3 meals; morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea. Food made fresh onsite daily, offering a wide range of ingredients that are nutritionally planned for growing children. Hot meals, fresh produce & food prepared & served by our passionate cook.

  • Shaded water park
  • Chickens (3 x laying bantam hens)
  • Incursions & excursions planned throughout the year

We have an exceptional team of staff that are industry trained & qualified to the highest levels, have years of industry experience & are passionate about Early Childhood education. We are customer service-based, and place high values on our relationships with our families & extended community.

  • Modern, up to date & inviting learning environments & facilities
  • Expansive outdoor play spaces & green areas
  • Shaded veranda, sandpits & play forts